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Is a Travel Advisor a good fit for me?

Why do I need Travel Insurance?

How are Travel Advisors different from Travel Agents?

How can I be sure that you’re not scamming me?

What’s the process for booking with you?

What makes you different than other Travel Advisors or Travel Agents?

How do you get paid?

Why should we book with you?

What are your fees?

What happens if we need to cancel the trip?

Can you book just flights?

How about hotels?

Car rentals?

What is a Travel Package?

Do you book personal vacations, or only group vacations?

Do you lead your own group trips?

What services do you offer?

What companies or organizations are you affiliated with?

I want to plan my own trips, but I’d like to have you as a backup in case anything goes wrong… can I do that?

What’s a reasonable budget for a trip to…

What’s a group tour like?

What’s a group cruise like?

Can you fundraise with group travel? How?

Do you work with youth groups? (Mission trips, School Trip’s for band/choir/language, sports, etc.)

Do you do travel packages with air b&Bs?

At what point when I start planning should I contact you?

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