Are you thinking of starting travel Groups, girl getaways, or company retreats?

Then let’s be real.


Book flight and lodging for EVERYONE?

Contact ALL THE RESTAURANTS about dietary needs?

Answer ALL QUESTIONS from everyone in the group?

SET UP CONTRACTS with travel suppliers?

Figure out how to be a LEGAL SELLER OF TRAVEL?

CHOOSE what EXCURSIONSto do on the trip!

Spend time ENJOYING the trip yourself!

Have SOMEBODY ELSE answer the questions!

 Have a SMOOTH EXPERIENCE from the start!

Be legally protected (and maybe get a TRAVELER DISCOUNT!)


Once you’ve booked with us, we work with you to …

  • customize your travel itinerary to fit your wants and needs,
  • take care of all the room and flight bookings for each person in your group,
  • while making sure you have all the tools you need to make your group travel experience be as SMOOTH and MEMORABLE as possible.

P.S. Did we mention we can ensure your trip is LEGALLY PROTECTED? 

We are licensed to sell travel after all!


Designed for leaders who strive to give their tribe that one-of-a-kind experience. 

  • Japanese Language Meet-Up Group? Motivate each other with a 10-day tour of Japan!
  • Wine  lovers? Cruise the Italian riviera with a connoisseur in search of the perfect bottle!
  • Religious group? Follow in the footsteps of Jesus as you wander the Holy Land!

We will  match your creativity and expertise on the group to turn this dream trip into reality.


There are only 3 things that matter to make a successful travel group:

  1. Their needs and dreams are being met on the trip,
  2. The deep connections they make with other people on the trip,
  3. And a life-changing experience.

We ensure that you can deliver all three to your audience through our step-by-step consultations with you.

Plan your Group Travel Experience the RIGHT WAY!

There's absolutely no need to go at this alone! Set up your FREE planning session to get started!

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