Let’s start with who we are NOT for. (Because, let’s face it, not everybody will want to use a Travel Advisor).

  • Do you HAVE to be in charge of every last detail? We are not for you. In fact, you should join us and become a Travel Advisor yourself! ^_^
  • Are you the kind of traveler who LOVES finding the CHEAPEST deal? We are not for you. (Yeah, budget is in our name. Budget doesn’t necessarily mean cheap!)
  • AirB&Bs, hostels, and on-the-spur-of-the-moment trips? SUPER COOL WAY TO TRAVEL! Buuuuuut, that’s not what we’re here for.


Then who ARE we for? Let me count the ways!

#1 Do you like to save TIME and Money?

Do you remember the last trip you booked? How many hours did it take you to find that PERFECT hotel in that perfect location?
And you still weren’t sure you picked the right one! You’ve never been there, and you can’t always trust the reviews…
That’s where we come in!
We can do all that research, we have a huge network of people checking out these places, and we can ensure that it truly will be a fantastic hotel! (PLUS: we get deals that nobody else has access to!)
Point blank: why are you using your precious time and energy when you can just hire us?


#2 Do you like PERSONALIZED Experiences?

We can create your ideal itinerary and personalize your experience by putting our knowledge, contacts, and experiences to work. We know what you can expect ahead of time and can even make special requests on your behalf. 



#3   Bad Things Can happen…what’s your back-up plan?

I MISSED my FLIGHT. Where did that $1,000 FEE come from?! Why is this line 3 hours long?!!! NOBODY TOLD ME it’s FLOODING SEASON!!!! a caption
Keep Calm & Call your Travel Advisor.

Book with us from the beginning, and we can help you avoid pitfalls. If anything does happen, we will help you through it. We truly want to make your trip the BEST it can be. LET US HELP YOU!





From the time you dream up your trip, to the moment you step off that plane, And even after you land in your own bed at night,

We’ve got your back!

So what are you waiting for? Schedule your FREE Planning Session with us today!

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