-Kobayashi Issa

This is how I’ve lived my life. Creating beautiful memories with the ones I love, investing in my community, and having no regrets.

It’s time I shared with others how to too!

What Can You Expect from Us?

I believe that traveling is for EVERYONE. It is an INVESTMENT that can create life-changing, beautiful memories that help you bond deeper with your loved ones, AND gives us the experience of TRULY walking in another person’s culture, language, and life.

So, please use us as a way to navigate your own travel investments, leaving no room for regrets!

We’ll show you HOW, WHEN, and WHERE to travel, based on what you’re looking for, all while sticking to your budget!

Start by finding out how using us as Travel Advisors can help you!

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Wander on a Budget
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by Jennifer lawes on Wander on a Budget


Thank you Jennifer! We try our best to be as informative about travel as we can be!

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