Teachers, just imagine  how big an IMPACT, how MOTIVATING, and LIFE-CHANGING traveling can be for your students!

So why don't more of us do it?   


Probably because we don't want it to:

  • suck away our precious lesson-planning time
  • it freaking takes a lot of energy!
  • mess it up, lose a kid, in short - it's a lot of responsibility.
  •  and, let's be real, we have limited resources.

As teachers ourselves, WE GET IT.

We also know the lengths you are willing to go to for your students.



We have made it our mission to give EVERY STUDENT a chance to travel.

Part of that mission is to help TEACHERS give their students that chance, WITHOUT adding more to your already-ridiculously-multi-layered plate.


So, please take us up on this free service, GIVEN ONLY TO TEACHERS!

  • 3 FREE co-planning sessions
  • 3 co-taught lessons
  • PERSONALIZED trip itineraries
  • Travel Behavior Management
  • Fundraising SUPPORT (Equity is pretty important to us...)
  • CHAPERONE Training
  • Trip Photographer (Gotta capture those memories somehow!)
  • And even come as Travel Managers and Chaperones on your trip!!!!

All on your schedule, on your time.


Get started by claiming your 10 Step Lesson Plan to the Ultimate Field Trip below!

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